TBM9 / Daher TBM-930

Reykjavik to Iqaluit

Leg 3 of this ferried flight takes us across the largest stint of water and barren Greenland. You'll be departing from Reykjavík and heading for Iqaluit. It's a little over five hours of flying at long range cruise speed of 252 ktas. Plan an alternate for Greenland incase something goes wrong. Once you've finished this leg of the tour, you will have successfully flown from Europe to North America in the TBM9.

At 1200 nm with four passengers, this is a safe range for the TBM with 1.5 hours of reserve fuel. You can view the range of a TBM9 over at tbm.aero. I've set an alternate for Nuuk Airport in Greenland in the event something goes wrong. You should pay special attention to wind depending on the altitude that you choose to fly. It's possible you may have a strong headwind and you will need to plan for more fuel.

  • Windy FL240
BIRKCYFBBGGHKFV41286 nmi05h06m
BIRK KFV 6400N0-2400W 6400N0-2500W 6400N0-2600W 6400N0-2700W 6400N0-2800W SOSIT SABAG DA ASTAN SOBVI ASVID KU 6400N0-5300W 6400N0-5400W 6400N0-5500W 6400N0-5600W 6400N0-5700W 6400N0-5800W CLAVY MUSVA NALDI DUTUM CYFB
AircraftMax CruiseMax RangeMax AltClimb ProfileClimb Rate
TBM9330 kts1730 nmFL310170/402000 fpm