The SOCATA TBM is a single-engined turboprop-powered low-wing monoplane, capable of seating a maximum of seven people. It is composed mainly of aluminium and steel construction, but with the tail surfaces built of Nomex honeycomb. The wing features a very effective Fowler flap, comprising 80 per cent of the trailing edge's span, for the purpose of lowering the aircraft's stall speed. The TBM 700 is outfitted with a retractable tricycle landing gear arrangement, newer models feature stronger main landing gear wheels and tougher tyres. The TBM 900 model features automatic torque limiting for “set and forget” power management, which is of particularly use during takeoffs; according to Aviation Week, while this function does reduce the high workload associated with managing the PT6A engine, it is not as capable as a full FADEC arrangement.

The cockpit design of the TBM strives to be user-friendly and as uncomplicated to operate as possible. For pilot convenience, an automatic fuel selector automatically switches between fuel tanks periodically to effortlessly maintain fuel balance throughout flight; manual selection of fuel tanks is also possible, which remains overseen by a low fuel warning system. The ice protection system is as automated as possible, the windshield being electrically heated, the air inlet being kept warm by engine exhaust and the de-ice boots automatically cycling once activated. The electrically actuated flaps are monitored by a sophisticated split-flap protection system to prevent asymmetric deployment. An onboard air data computer calculates various values to support the pilot, such as the aircraft's true air speed, wind, and power advisory notices based upon current external temperature and altitude.

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TBM9 / Daher TBM-930

Performance Specifications

AircraftMax CruiseMax RangeMax AltClimb ProfileClimb Rate
TBM9330 kts1730 nmFL310170/402000 fpm