A Ferried Flight from Tarbes to Camarillo

TBM9 / Daher TBM-930

The SOCATA TBM (now Daher TBM) is a family of high performance single-‚Äčengine turboprop aircraft produced in Tarbes, France with a maximum range of 1,730 nmi and service ceiling of FL310. This makes the TBM an incredible General Aviation aircraft with the ability to travel internationally.

Ferry a TBM9 from Tarbes, France to Camarillo, California using the included flight plans. Adjust for fuel and weather as necessary to virtually fly this flight that occurred in the real world.

CodeRouteDistanceFlight Time
SC001LFBT-EGPK781 nmi03h05m
SC002EGPK-BIRK807 nmi03h12m
SC003BIRK-CYFB1286 nmi05h06m
SC004CYFB-CYWG1280 nmi05h04m
SC005CYWG-KSDY322 nmi01h16m
SC006KSDY-KFOM680 nmi02h41m
SC007KFOM-KCMA449 nmi01h46m
Totals7 Flights5605 nmi22h10m