Circumnavigating the Globe

TBM9 / Daher TBM-930

Embark on a virtual world tour with these guided flights that will have you departing from the U.S. and heading eastward around the world. You'll cross the Atlantic via Iceland, fly through the mountains of Europe and Asia, and then island hop in the Pacific. When you reach Midway Atoll, you'll have to decide whether tailwinds are favorable for a dangerous hop from Hawaii to California, or head the long way around through Alaska.

This tour is perfect for the beginner who wants to learn various aspects of flying, planning, and navigating various scenarios in a virtually realistic way via Infinite Flight. If you have suggestions or corrections, send me a PM via the Community Forum on Infinite Flight at @Socata_1.

CodeRouteDistanceFlight Time
SC101KLEX-KBHB837 nmi03h19m
SC102KBHB-CYYR625 nmi02h28m
SC103CYYR-BIRK1412 nmi05h36m
SC104BIRK-EGAD876 nmi03h28m
SC105EGAD-LOWI792 nmi03h08m
SC106LOWI-LGTS657 nmi02h36m
SC107LGTS-UGTB998 nmi03h57m
Totals23 Flights22189 nmi3d15h53m